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Jul 12, 2021
Spore metrics - July 11th, 2021

I'm considering sharing @BuildWithSpore's core metrics (and reasoning behind them) as we grow. If there's enough interest, I'll continue :)

Here's a look inside Spore, how we're choosing the metrics we care about, and what our numbers currently are: 🧡


For those not familiar, Spore is a free, all-in-one website builder for creators

Our north star is how much $$ we're paying out to creators.

We make money when creators make money, so how much we pay out has a direct relationship to our own revenue - aligned incentives can be beautiful :)


Number of users, & sites created are some other relevant metrics, but are pretty meaningless if we aren't helping creators make more money. So we really only care about those if they increase our main KPI.


Today we're still effectively at $0 as we're just now officially rolling out the ability for creators to create paid memberships to give exclusive content to paying fans. (we paid out some to early beta users, but I'm not counting that)


Our only focus right now is getting that $0 to a positive number :) So everything we're building right now is around getting a first creator setup and succeeding with a site with paid memberships.


Why am I sharing?

1) #buildinpublic has its advantages around recruiting and visibility for

2) It puts even more pressure on us to hit our goals

3) I'm a big believer in transparency as a tool for earning trust

Helping others is an awesome side effect :)


Realistically, I'll only keep this up if I feel like it's working in those 3 areas, so if I don't see good engagement on these tweets, I'll probably stop :p


If you're a creator who wants to help us grow our KPI of how much we pay out to creators (ie let us help you make more money), shoot me or @AntonioGaryJr a DM!

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