If you're interested in programming, startups, traffic exchanges, or just a young adult's life experiences in general, this is the blog for you...

I'll cover each of these subjects, and my personal view on them; if you don't like what I have to say, don't read it. You can subscribe via email to in the sidebar, or via RSS up top.

This blog is a mesh of my personal life, and my work life, but mostly my work-life...I'll give tips on programming: what I've learned and how you can improve your website -- as well my knowledge of running a business, how to optimize your advertising, and a bit of personal experiences.

A bit about me... I was the sole programmer behind ThumbVu.com, and currently am doing programming work for Jon Olson of IloveHits, and Tim Linden of StartXchange.

On top of that, I'm attending a community college in Cedar Park, TX (just north of Austin), with a major in Computer Science. My plan is to transfer to the University of Texas for my junior year (hook 'em). Still living at home, but in the next month or so I'm planning on moving out, so expect a few updates on that!

Thanks for reading!