It's a great time to be a University of Texas student as an entrepreneur. While there was a fair amount of help for student startups before this past year, Bob Metcalfe's arrival has sparked a lot of new resources.

One of those resources is a thing called Longhorn Startup Camp - office space for student startups.  It's something new this semester, so when I heard about it, I made sure would have some space. The entire top floor of UT's administrative building is dedicated to startups. It's great being surrounded by other smart, driven students who want to make an impact, and I think this atmosphere will be a huge help.

Here's a look at our office before and after we got furniture. Joe's side looks a bit more classy than mine, but hey, at least mine was easier to move in...We might end up getting a couch in there as well. The building was renovated in 2009, so it feels brand new.

Here's an updated picture with even more furniture...

As someone who lives pretty far off campus, it's certainly nice having a anchor like this downtown, I'll be spending many days and nights working there. Big thanks to Kyle Cox and Bob Metcalfe for getting us hooked up!