Monthly Archives: January 2012

Global Game Jam 2012

I woke up Friday morning to learn that there was this thing called Global Game Jam¬†happening at UT this weekend – it’s something that sounded right up my alley, so I gave it a shot. Basically you get together, form groups, and develop video games in 48 hours. I chose to fly solo this weekend, since most game developers don’t have a background in JavaScript and I like a challenge. This was a ¬†good opportunity …

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Burnout is always a tough thing to deal with, and I’ve definitely suffered from it in the past. By no means have I solved the issue for myself – I’m still constantly trying new ways to prevent it – but one that has certainly helped is having a variety of things to do. As a programmer, this mostly involves switching between languages, languages that differ quite a bit. I’ll go anywhere from a few hours …

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CSS3 Box Sizing

CSS3 let’s you do a lot of cool stuff, most of which add graphical enhancements like gradients and rounded corners, all of which are great. Lately however, I think my favorite new property is box-sizing. There are two modes: content-box and border-box. content-box is default, and will calculate the true width for an element as width+padding+border. So if you have a child <div> with 100% width and 10px of padding, it will extend outside the …

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