How to succeed in building a successful website...The most important part is the site design.

Well, that's just my opinion -- based on past experiences (and the reason Mike and I have launched successful sites). And this is coming from a programmer (though I dabble in design).

I'm going to be starting a series of blog posts that will go into how to make your pages look better using CSS.

So...what's good looking?

This is
This isn't

Of course, you might already know that, so the next couple posts of mine will go into the various tips and tricks to making something look good! It's not just the physical appearance that matters either, the transitions between pages, and effects you have on each page plays a big part as well.

Let's take a look at a splash page Mike Gartner just put out yesterday: Secret X. That page has only been rotating in Thumbvu, yet it's gotten over 50 subscribers in 24 hours.

Why? It's not because of the content, he doesn't mention anything about what his secret project is ... it's due to how sexy the page looks. Sure it's simple, but it stands out.

By the end of this series you'll be able to make a page like that (and more) with ease.