Monthly Archives: February 2010

Site Design: The Basics

So, to start, I’m going to say that this all might be confusing, if you need help with something, post it in the comments and I’ll get things worked out for you. When coding, I don’t use tables or tags like <font> (which most people tend to use). Why? Because the code can get really jumbled with that (you should see some of the stuff I have to deal with working on ILoveHits). Not only …

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Lookin’ good – Intro

How to succeed in building a successful website…The most important part is the site design. Well, that’s just my opinion — based on past experiences (and the reason Mike and I have launched successful sites). And this is coming from a programmer (though I dabble in design). I’m going to be starting a series of blog posts that will go into how to make your pages look better using CSS. So…what’s good looking? This is …

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Even Shorter URLs

So, I went ahead and bought the domain and put up the link shortening/cloaking script from this post. I’ve noticed, no one is using the tracker script other than me, and I figured that might be because you have to upload the script and change permissions. That or I don’t have many readers So if you’d like to use the URL to shorten/cloak your links, you are welcome to! All you have to …

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